Do You Try To Understand People?

     I try to understand people, and for anybody who tries to understand people you quickly learn not to let it bother you...yet it does. I always think big picture ideas, but that is part of my condition, ADD/ADHD (edit: In my case, it is ADD/ADHD because I could not organize these thoughts, resulting in conditions typical to ADD/ADHD, I understand that not all people who have big ideas have ADD). So when it comes to explaining my "big ideas" to other people I often get told that I am thinking too much, that my idea is stupid, or that it will take too much work because there are too many steps involved, and it will take too much money.

     I will back track a bit. I have discovered a huge mental problem in my family. For generations we have extreme fatigue issues, and problems with attention deficit. I have many family members who are alcoholics, and smokers (tobacco or pot), who openly struggle with small aspects of life that I have at one time shared with them. 

    Since I was 18 (6 years ago) I set out to find a pharmaceutical drug to solve all of my problems. i knew that my life would not be successful, and I would not feel happy unless I tried all avenues of support for my problems, and then to the larger extent of my family. I knew that if I did nothing, I too would fall into alcoholism and possibly other methods of clearly unhealthy ways to cope with my wondering mind and the stress it creates. After brushes with suicide (6 by my count), periods of eating healthy/not eating healthy, drinking more/drinking less, taking more vitamins and supplements/not taking any vitamins and supplements, and finally antidepressants/no antidepressants I pushed for Ritalin and my life completely changed.

     Thats my life in a nutshell, but here is my problem with people and life and trying to understand it all. My family knows that there are patterns of problems. As far as I am concerned I have taken all of the guesswork out of the solution. ADD/ADHD runs in families, so when I try to confront them with the facts, they agree, and to a point I think they know that they have patterns of problems, yet they are completely unwilling, even in considering, to try the Ritalin. When I push it, they get angry with me. WTF? They take all the vitamins, and "Energy and Focus" enhancers with no noticeable effects. Often they complain of the exact same things that I had problems with, that is until I started the Ritalin. So why are they completely oblivious to what obviously works?

     In a larger context, I have faith in humanity, that if people see the truths in them selves, that society as a whole would be better. So why are people so unwilling to better their lives?

     Do you think that people simply don't listen to them selves? What are the roadblocks to understanding yourself? Family, morals, Religion?

     Do you think that religion plays a part in it all? After all, if you sit in a Christian (specifically Catholic) service you learn that Jesus suffered for all of our sins, ultimately you too must suffer for the good things in life. (edit: In trying to keep neutral, and wanting both sides of the story, I ask if may be there is not enough religion? But it is my personal belief that we would be better off without organized religion. I am not anti-spiritual, just anti-religious.)

     Is it regional, I live on the prairies where there is lots of farming and mining, its the general feeling that you work, and relax from working, nothing in between. Big city life or small town life? East coast or West coast? Arctic or Desert?

     I would rather not get into economic reasons, I think thats one thing everybody understands already, no money means no help. So if you have something extremely interesting to say about money then lets hear you're point but I'd rather not turn this into a discussion of money issues.

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try listing to a group called Casting Crowns Mark Hall a member of the group is ADD as well.