My Daughter Hates Me....

My 25 year old daughter hates me.  Since she engaged to a controlling man who comes from a wealthy family she became very distant and somewhat offensive.  When I gave her gifts she would make remarks like "did you get that at walmart?" even though it was an expensive gift that I spent a lot (for me) of money on. His family constantly talks about money and status and she started doing this too.  For months, she only contacted me when she needed something.  I spoke to her about how I was feeling used and not valued but the behavior and dismissive comments continued.  After another incident 6 months ago, I confronted her.  I'll admit I was a bit accusatory and angry.  I was really angry because I raised her alone and sacrificed  lot to send her to good schools and expose her to a well rounded range of experiences like travelling, the arts, sports, etc. I thought I deserved better than that.  She has not spoken to me since.   I guess all I can do now is pray as she is and adult and can do whatever she wants with her life....sigh :( 

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my daughter and husband broke up last year she stayed with me and her 2 boys. when she went back with her husband theyed asked me to move in and help them catch up bills. i am the nanny everyday to the boys who i love she is about to give birth to anther one . now she hates me and wants me out.i paid their bills got them caught up pay half the rent half utilities babysit free, i got layed off she hit me called me acunt, they act like they hate me all the time yet they cant afford to live by thier self especially with another baby on the way any day. iam getiing depressed i love all of them and the boys love me. but i want to feel happy help.i have a new jobs and make good money again<br />
but i need to cut loose

You definitely need to cut loose. Abuse is not an option. It is a shame how our children have no respect. I am so sorry that you are being treated this way but tough love might be an option. Move out and see how they manage on their own.

I am sorry to read what you are going through. I reared mine alone too and now she prefers her father. We deserve better. Instead we are treated like trash.

She'll come around when the family she is with start treating her how she is treating you! Pray God opens her eyes and she will see or someone is going to point it out to her, watch! she might not apologize for it but you will see a change. You get treated how you treat others! specially your family