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I would like to say i had a problem with pills but to be completly truthfull to myself and anyone who reads this i still do. I havnt taken any pills in 6 months, thinks to my pregnancy. Sadly im nine months though. I didnt know i was pregnent till i was already three months. But even though i havnt taken pills in so long whenever i see anything i know could get me high i have to fight the urge to hide it away till its safe for me to take it.
but i have a question. Has anyone who had a major problem with pills after so long of not taking anything get sick or nautious at the thought of taking any pill? even if its only a vitamin or somthing?
When i took pills i took whatever i could find or mix and i took as much of it as i could. Often i made myself just as sick as i did mess myself up.
And after almost a year straight of pills every day 1/3 of the time getting sick from it i started to get sick reflexivly whenever i took any kind of pill. I guess it was my bodys way of trying to protect itself. now six months later i havnt taken a pill of any kind. I take prenatal gummys and dissolvable pills for nautia.
When i tried to take prenatal pills i got sick and puked them up. Has anyone else had this problem?
AimeeAveline AimeeAveline
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1 Response May 7, 2012

I did they started to make my stomach sick sick (pks) so I started snorting them... Wouldn't recommend it it's more addicting than just taking em...