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Hello everyone. To put it simply, i've been selfish. I think about myself instead of thinking about others. But, im trying to change. From now on, I want to forget about my problems, and help others with theres. No problem is to big or to small for me. I will help ANYONE with ANY possible problems they may have. So please, if you have a problem, do not hesitate to contact me. I will help anyone of any age, any shape, and any color. So please, if you have a problem, leave me a message or a comment on this story, and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Im trying to fix my mistakes and help others with theres. Thank you everyone and please contact me. I would appreciate any form of contact with your problems. Help me make the world a happier place, one problem at a time.
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Being selfish is not necessarily a bad thing unless you were being narcissistic, and it is very noble of you to do that. However judging from what you've written I doubt you've been very selfish, anyways you can't mend something if you are broken yourself. You're problems maybe a part of you but they do not represent you.
Stay strong and love yourself

Hey that is really kind of u.well i had a vampire friend who said that i have a small beacon inside me but she didnt know what it was back then and i lost contact with her.there was also this time when i tried meditating for the first time inmy room late at night and i heard a sudden rush of voices the moment i stopped and opened my eyes they stopped too.i tried again and it happebed again.i was so freaked out that i stopped meditating alr.the voices sounds like they are having a conversation but there were a lot of voices at that time that i cant figure out what they were saying.i hope you can help.i dont know what is happening to me:( im a 17year okd girl btw and these happened when i was 16.im turning 18in march