Sister Is Dating My Ex, And Parents Dont See Anything Wrong With That! :(

I had a boyfriend of many years and now my sister is dating him. What's even worse is that my parents say I'm overreacting. I cant stand being in my house anymore, but I don't have the means to leave. Every morning I wake up and sit in my room and wait for the day to pass; and now I fear I am becoming depressed. I have fits of rage alone in my room when I hear the rest of my family eating and laughing together, and I am in my room. I cant handle my emotions so I cry like crazy. For the first time in my life I have begin to contemplate suicide; though I would never do that for religious reasons, every night I pray to God to take me in my sleep. I have no one to talk to and no hope of this situation getting better. I have been betrayed by my family.
iDisappointed iDisappointed
Sep 16, 2012