Do Love Notes Even Work?

I have just given a secret note to a person i admire, but throughout her reading apparently she takes it as me being a psycho rapist. Is it just this generation that is full of idiots or is it just me?

Here is how the story goes.

Okay there is the unbelievably perfect women, that i thought at the time, and the problem is that in college you can't really meet someone you want to because you only see them when you are heading to class. The chances of me meeting her at a party are slim to none. Its not like i can just walk up to her and try to strike up a convo. because that is so awkward and i am a very shy guy. Just to put this into prospective one of my most outgoing care-free friends tried to be a wingman for me and he said when he go near her he turned extremely hot and sweaty. Thats how much presence this woman has. Anyways, so i hatch a plan and think hey my parents meet the first time with my dad writing a note to my mom, so why not follow in his foot steps right? wrong. Now i know i am going to write this woman a note and when im done im feeling pretty good about myself. If you wish to know my spark notes version of it basically i told her how unique she is(some of my girl friends know her girlfriends and got me some good intel of what shes about) I talk to her about how i admire how she isnt like the sterotypical college girl "lets get drunk" "omg i dont even remember last night" She may go out, but she dosnt flaunt it. Her friends arent *******, they are smart educated woman that can actually hold a conversation without gossiping. Back to the note. I told her how she should never be in a relationship with a douche bag because you would never deserve it, and how guys would slave away for years to get an opportunity to get to know you. Then i told her not to worry that im a stalker because i've only seen you a few times and that we weren't even friends on facebook or twitter. I also mentioned that for the sake of me please keep this on the down low. To not go around and show girls. Boy was i wrong,
The way i was able to get the note to her was that one of my teammates and friends(i play basketball for this peticular college) was in her orientation class. Because he knew her already and got past the star struck point he was able to hand her the note. Rememeber i wrote this note anon. So now i wait and a hot rush goes through my body because i got it off my chest finally. Remember how i asked her to keep it on the down low? why what does she do? she tweets about it apparently. Right after that she tweets about a secret admirerer... I'm like what? but it was a positive tweet so my confidence is at an all time high.
Now it is almost time for christmans break and i know i have to get in one last word before she goes and she isnt in the cafe. so What do i do? I look up her school email and email her from my old email address from middle school. I regret it having ever sent it. I sent her an email about music because i feel music is a big par tof my life and i love it. If she doesnt like the music that i like i dont think i should persue her anymore. So that happens and(i sent it in the morning) the night that she received it she texts my friend from her orientation class and asks if the guy that gave him the note looked threatening. He said no not at all why? and She said she just recieved an email from what she thought was the guy who gave her the note(me) and that she is scared. My friend looks at me and says what did you do? and i said what? how can she misinterpret what i emailed her. its was just about music. The girl texts my friend and says she thinks she will get raped....I'm sitting back like what the f?? Is she really that worried/dumb? I couldnt believe it i was crushed. I've never been so embaressed in my life and she doesn't even know my name.
So basically what i wish to rant about is how dumb girls are in todays day and age. Ever girl that i am friends with wishes to fall in love like a movie or to be romanced. Now this is where it gets extremely tricky for us men. There's apoint where tryng to be romantic turns into being 'creepy' i feel like the word creep is the absolute worst word in teh dictionary. Because if you dont strike a cord with the girl and she doesn think its 'romantic' or 'cute' then you get thrown into the creepy pile and you get looked at like you are a *********. It completly b.s. Girls are the hardest equation to solve on earth. There is no right way of approaching them. And for most of us guys it just makes 'finding the one' less likely than us winning back-to-back lotteries. I must apologize because i know not all girls are like this, but i mean the worst part is that a lot of them are like this.
I'm sorry if i offended anyone in this. Please leave me a comment of what you think of this situation. Thanks and God bless
MarkMagnum25 MarkMagnum25
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013