I Seriously Dont Know What to Do...

Well, i am stuck between two guys, i am 16 one of the boys is 21, one of them is 27 (old for me i know) me and this 27 year old have been sort of on and off for a few months, i really really lust him, untill i finally thought the time is now to move on, its not realistic, the age gap is too big, and it is purely lust, not love, lust. He just wants sex with me all the time etc.. And then along comes the 21 year old, i talk to him untill 4 in the morning, he bought me flowers, he made my valentines day specail, things were great untill this cursid night....

i went out last saturday (saturday night round the town) and got absolutly wasted, i when i say wasted i mean WASTED. I tok such pills as ecstacy and ketamine and smoked abit of weed. All this sort of did the job on getting me wasted,  i ended up going to this "27" year olds house and we sleep together, ive only been seeing the 21 year old for 3 weeks but this is hard, i am actually confused and dont know who to go with, obvouisly theres know way i can bring a 27 year old home to my parents at the age of 16, but damnn i dont want to make the wrong decision, and i cant keep playing them, i need to stop seeing one of them.

Apoligies about saying the "21 year old" and "27 year old" but i didn't want to name names! 

Advice please.....

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

At 16 life is so overwhelming and serious but please take your time. I know you believe you know what you want or what is best for you but PLEASE... I am you in 30 years and it is not worth the pain you are setting yourself up for.<br />
Lose the 27 yr old and take your time with the other. If he's really the ONE for you, he will want you to do whats best for you and will wait. <br />
You will not be sorry.

thats what my friends keep saying to me, they say this 27 year old must be wierd, he must have issues, i cant see it though because i liek him so much. Im oblivous to the fact he may actually just be a perv, i think "noo hes not a perv he likes me"<br />
ohh, what does all the passion not last? because right now i feel i want him so much, but when it comes to the 21 year old its just a confortable nice feeling.<br />
you have giving me good advice, all what you said makes sense... thankyou very much :)

Oh, honey. Ditch the 27 yr old. A 27 yr old that would go after a 16 yr old has serious problems, regardless of how hot you are, how smart you are, or how mature you are. A 27 yr old knows better and if he can't relate to women his own age, there are problems that you'll begin to realize in a year or so.<br />
<br />
Always go with the guy who treats you well. Don't get into the emo or passion thing, the temptation guy...it so doesn't last, doesn't stay interesting, and then you might lose a chance with a really worthwhile man.