Who Are These People?

22,470 and counting.....
must be Newt fanciers
Sean8342 Sean8342
41-45, M
10 Responses Oct 25, 2011

Oh, and 10,230. Haha.

absolutely the newt...you know I love it.

I only come on to perve on ur newt :-p

Don't blame you ;o)

Way to go!

Hi basket! Bet you are well into the tens of thousands by now. Hope you have a great weekend

You too.

Your charm through your writings and comments, most likely had made many on here, happily curious to peek at you;0)

Thanks ( I think and hope x) just wish more people would say hi

A good following. Very impressive. When is the next discourse;0)

(in what sense do you use discourse?) I was just wondering why people would pass by and well over 95% wouldn't say anything

Nahh, Cheryl Cole.<br />
Please form an orderly line.

Ooooooo Ashley warrava yah done Pet? I'm off ta get me kecks off on Nibus's page.... that's what ya get for playing for Chelsea...

Not one to boast but..............55,000 and counting.<br />
Any takers? :)

Why not form a society for EPers over 50k? (did you say the nudie pics of Liz Hurley getting it on with Kylie were located on your page???).... :o) (off to your page .... just in case)

yeah bloody Newt fanciers.... everywhere... a young eligable Newt just can't get any peace!!!!

Who knows, but they're here somewhere.