I'm Writing A Non-fiction Book Of My Paranormal Experiece

My life experiences have been many. Something I'll probably not write about is my past in my upcoming book,only here in my bio. I grew up in heavy abuse & neglect with a father who has been diagnosed with narcissism & a mother with MS.  I developed a heavy drug addiction at 12 years old , and institutionalized for 9 months at age 14 yrs. I was locked up in a crazy mental ward with adults back in 1970 when they knew very little about addiction or how to treat mental health.  I ran at 15 yrs and ended up in Rapid City, SD living with a gang of bikers.  I learned to use the needle with hard core street drugs.  Yes, all you need to do is imagine what might of happened & it did.  From there I got clean & sober & became pregnant at age 17 years old.  I only had an 8th grade education.  It was after my 2nd marriage ending I earned my G.E.D. and finished 3 yrs of college.  I became ill with fibromyalgia, and haven't felt up to earning a BA as of yet.  I receive S.S.D for my disability and live alone.  I'm also an Out & Proud Lesbian.  My saving Grace are my 5 grandchildren.

What I will write about is a 2 yrs experience living in a haunted apartment that had changed my life.  My plan is to copy & paste every email sent between a paranormal team who had documented the activity & I.  I will do so exactly as written.  No spelling or grammar editing.  Between the letters I will write about as many experiences I can remember including what I had blocked out that I didn't share with anyone because they were too bizarre.   I must be honest in that I'm concerned about my mental & emotional state.  I attempted to read these 6 months ago & had to stop.

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That would be an interesting read for sure.