So Many Experiences.

I have had quite a few experiences, with the paranormal, too numerous to mention,. I'll have to relate a couple of experiences on here, soon. I've seen and heard things, one incident happened only a fortnight ago, and someone else also saw what i had seen.

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We cross paths once again; it nice to hear from you. Only during last evening while asleep; as a guess it would probably be about 0400 in the morning while lying alongside my wife. There is a reading light situated above each of us with a pull cord. For some unknown reason the reading light on my wife's side of the bed lit up and made an appropriate noise on doing so then went out which I witnessed yet had previously been asleep. Initially I thought it was my wife about to get out of bed but, hardly, as she was snoring! I switched my reading light on to confirm that there was no extenuating circumstances which would cause this and could not find any. Just another little oddity which frequently happens to my life but why? I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Thanking you for your comment on this tatterdandtorn, yeah!!!! when i got time i will write it out. <br />
I would be interested as well to read of your experiences also!, <br />
I shall get back to you on that one then,. :-)

I would love to hear more. My life has been full of experiences and my current home has a neat history and is rather active.