From Childhood

I've always been interested. Just when I was very young I didn't have a name for so many of the things that I took as normal.

The house I grew up in was old. But it was also very large. A rooming house.

It had been conspricpted during WWII to house Officers from the nearby Naval base.

Some of those men  did not come home. But... growing up I can remember 'hearing' conversations in the dining room and walking in to see no one.

My great grandmother and great grandfather died in that house. As did my grandfather.

Frequently I heard them, or saw 'eveidence' of them passing through. A chair rocking vigorosly, steps on the staircase going up or coming down,  the piano playing.

I also didn't understand why when I said something about different topics I got such strange looks. It wasn't hat I was wrong, it was that there was no possible way I could have known those things.

It was just normal to me.

As I've gotten older, I have the names for those events and things.

Seeing my grams in my home, when she had passed: crisis apparition.

Dreams about my sweetie, dressed for a funeral telling me I was going to be late "Pre-cognitive"

The sounds and smells: activity 'loop'

my sweetie telling me he's fine, and the little things that happen. "personal haunting" interactive

The feeling of being somewhere, or doing something/ saying something before. deja vu

I have the labels now.

What does that make me.

I've been told I am sensitive, and I've been told I'm empathic.

Still learning about all that.

My interest continues to grow. As do my experiences.

Tzech Tzech
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I appreciate

I've had 2 NDE. One when I was little. The other as an adult.

Hi Tzech :), the paranormal is something that interests me a lot. I enjoy watching Ghost Hunters and G.H.I. on T.V. I have a certain involuntary 'ability' since I clinically died (had a NDE/OBE) in 1974.<br />