Far cry primal is a badass game 🙌
KarahXnichole KarahXnichole
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1 Response Mar 19, 2016

how is it, been thinking of getting a new ps4 game since I hardly even touch our ps4 lol. Been thinking the division maybe

Don't get the division unless you plan on playing almost entirely multiplayer. It's great multiplayer, but not solo. Keep that in mind.

That game is really boring on single player but playing with friends is pretty much the only way to go on that game, the game is supposed to be meant for a group/team to do it together with teamwork but if you're with friends it's an awesome game

I've been playing the single player story, and i think it's great. The story is very good. WAY better than far cry 4.

I wasted a ton on division. Bought the 100 dollar gold edition and so want to kick my own *** for wasting that on it. Only positive is I preordered no mans sky so at least I hope that will be worth the wait. Division is ok but no 100 ok or even 60. Its worth 20 bucks at best.

Yea I cant wait for no mans sky, I really wanna try the division but kinda having second thoughts as I kinda hear its best played with groups of people instead of solo.
Waiting for it to go on sale at game stop for 40$, Ive noticed they usually have sale on recently new games after a month or two for 20$ off.

You can play the whole game solo it works just fine for that and that is what I've been doing is playing solo. You don't have to play with others at all. It just makes it semi easier and more fun if you have friends to play with and even if you don't have friends that play it, its nothing like destiny as in it has a easy and fast matchmaking for every mission if you want to play it with others. Destiny has no matchmaking for every mission like division does. That is where division got it right at least.

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