My Manipulitive Ex

I don't know if you would consider my ex a psycho considering what some of you have been through but he ruined my life. No to say i was somewhat at fault but none the less he killed a part of me and still i cant seem to let the anger go. I met him when I was in middle school and I always knew he was somewhat troubled but I assumed that it was just teen anger and he would grow out of it. We drifted apart after high school and met up some years later and ended up moving in together. At first everything was so wonderful but as his responsibility grew more important in the relationship that's when things stared to fall apart. I got pregnant and he wanted nothing to do with me once he found out we were having a girl. At this point he was severely addicted to **** and it was costing us a lot of money i was working and giving him every penny i made and none of our bills were getting paid. He wouldn't even sleep in the same bed as me anymore. I remember the night my water broke I called him he was working and i told him he needed to come right home.....I had no one else at the time in my life he had pushed everyone away from me and he had asked me to make him food whale i waited for him to get home to take me to the hospital. He left me alone before and after my csection because he was tired and for some reason i still married him. Our marriage only lasted 9 months in the coarse of that time he put me down put us in debt and passed our child off on his parents every chance he got. He wanted nothing to do with her. I was so depressed I at temped to kill myself twice. It was after the 2ND time that i realized that it was time i had to change something before it was too late. it's been so long now but the problem is he got custody of our daughter because of what i did. and he isn't even taking care of her his parents are. We have been in court for over a year and i cant seem to get anymore time then 2 day visits with her a week because he is telling the judge that i am a psycho and that i molest my child and i do all sorts of horrid things to her. he is a liar and he gets to live his life happy and free with some little girl for his girl friend. I want to let go of the anger that i have inside but i dint know how. I have a wonderful man in my life and i am so happy but its like every time everything is going well he makes new accusations or does something to screw it up. how am i supposed to move on and let go when he is torturing me and why is he doing this to me. can anyone help?
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Wow! Your story is worse than mine even! The similarities are all there except I did not have a child. You can ask social services to investigate, then they may catch him unawares.<br />
As for the anger, that will go away in time. The thing about abusive people is that everything they do always turns to **** eventually. Be it a job, a marriage, friendships etc. These are people who know how to cling like a limpet, yet have no understanding of what commitment really means.<br />
From what you say, he has found someone on his own maturity level.