The Truth Revealed

Two weeks before I left my ex husband my worst nightmare came true. The night began like so many others. He tried to get me to confuss to cheating on him. The only problem was I didn't cheat and I will never admit to something I didn't do. About 3 am he lost the only sane thought left in his body and the truth about his mental health was revealed. He took off into the snow with only socks and pajama bottoms on. After several moments he walked up to me with a serious expression and looked straight into my eyes and said "dad". 3 1/2 years earlier his dad passed away from a heart attack. My world became turned up side down with one word.

The next thing I knew he was on the phone with his sister asking her to come over and help him commit suicide. This was the beginning of the end, my dreams were within reach.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Dang...No kidding, his eggs were really scrambled. :/