It Never Ends

Well my mother gets away with anything. She has been enabled by my father because he is so sweet and everything is always her way. She controls everything I mean my dad has to ask her what to wear and what to order at a restaurant. She pretty much buys all of my little boys clothes because it is what she wants him in. She is a monster. Gets her hair done three times a week, tells me how to live my life and I am 41. Told me I was jealous of her because I wished I had a husband like she does. We just moved and I re-did our little boys room and just ever so blunty asked when you move you are going to make his room better? I decorated it in The Cars theme from the movie! Give me a break. We are renting a house at the moment andare building right now so when she was here recently visiting she said ixwill not be coming back here until you get your new place! Hmmmmmmm!
They left early on the day before Easter because he didn't want to go to our church because I turned Catholic for my husband. It goes on and on!!!!! She said I want to go to The Louis Vutton store because your dad just got clubs and I deserve a new purse! Oh my goodness!
Amy3595 Amy3595
Apr 9, 2012