I Don't Consider This A Fetish

I don't get how loving the female body in its natural state can be considered a fetish.  Personally I consider the social norm of preferring unnaturally shaved women to be a prevalent, but very unusual fetish.

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Yeah man,a hairy bush makes your day anyday!

It's not a fetish if it's something that is natural. Fashion trend or not... it's something that is a natural occurrence with the human body.

You're right, HedgeHippie. I don't consider it a fetish, either. Actually, I consider it a fetish if a guy prefers it shaved. But in today's world, with the fashion trend the way it is with women at this point in time... Sadly, it seems it is now classified as a fetish.

Maybe we should start a special discussion topic to promote hair on the girls. We could award tokens to the most hairy and scary ***** pics.

Yes you are so right there brother! How can anyone not adore a nice big bush. God made curvy fertile women with big bushes because they are so sexy. Shaved ******* are a huge disappointment - they either make the women look pre-pubescent (yuk - like underage!!) or it just minimises some thing that should be show-cased. All the best masterpiece paintings have really nice fr<x>ames!

Some paintings do show women with a natural amount of pubic hair, however, others don't, there was a story of a man in the 19th Century who looked at women in pictures with no hair, but when he got married, his bride who had a natural amount of pubic hair, he thought she was a freak and devorced her soon afterwards

If it was me, I'd adore her and tell her how much her massive bush appealed to me and turned me on... but then... one look at the condition I was in over her and I'd like to think she'd have a pretty good idea. But I'd still tell her. That way I'd remove all doubt.

Well stated. I agree completely. Thank you for stating this.