Nyah...Nyah...Nyah...Nyah...Nyah...Nyah...Nyah...Nyah... I don't care!!!! Get your own life and stop trying to live mine.

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6 Responses Mar 7, 2010

LOL Kindal. I haven't ever looked at the profiles. I was just too freaked when I was asked for pictures.

yes, those who know me understand how idiotic that is. I just laugh about it and go on. Several ladies have been accused of being men lately. It is usually after you refuse to send them pictures but people have to remember that I have a stalker for just under a year now and I do not trust people like I once did.

Ha, you just reminded me... I read about it a while back and it's still hilarious to this day. You, a man, heehee...

LMAO....hehe so the dude that called me a man just wants me to be one so he can be like me lol. I like that thought.

Me too girl!!!!

Haters keep me motivated to be #1