I Love My Pug!

My kids are getting older and I got this puppy three months ago.  I adore her.  she is the smartest and the sweetest dog I have ever had.  I have never had a lap dog before.  She sits on all of our laps and sleeps with anyone who is sleeping on the couch.  Now she sleeps most nights with my 12 year old son.  He looks so peaceful now when he goes to sleep.  He has someone to share his bed with and doesn't have to feel afraid or lonely.  I would have my pug-Punky sleep with me but my husband isn't too keen on dogs.  But he loves her too now.  We all do.  I would recommend a pug to anyone.  Mine is buff by the way.  I can't wait to get a second pug and give her a pug friend.

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4 Responses Mar 1, 2009

My cute Puggy Sue is looking out the window at the toddler next door trying to get his attention. LOL. She is a hoot. The cuddle like teddy bears and act like popcorn. She's extra cute faced and her big brother is an English bulldog. Puggy is the "ruler."

I lways say pugs are like potato chips ...you can never have just one ;)

my puggle .Dylan does the same thing...he's a really snuggle guy sleeps right between my fiance and I every night.

Aww I've always wanted a pug! I'm so jealous right now...