I was walking home from school. A women looked like she was going to pull over to talk to me so I pulled my ear buds out. She said "Hey! Did you lose your puppy!?"
I said "No.. He should be at home.. What color?"
she said "There's a lost puppy at the hardware store! I'll take you!"
"What color puppy?"
"A little Australian Shepherd" ... That doesn't answer my question. I said
"When did you see him?"
"He's been there since yesterday!"
No. No.
So I said
"Nope. I saw him this morning... He's at home."
She said Okay and turned around...
I ran home to make sure Blue was there and he was. Dunno how that lady know about my Pup. Dad thinks she's crazy.
When I finally got home yesterday the thing I did was take Blue out.. I decided to go find Pastor. I've shoveled his driveway but I was driven to his house. I think I knew where it was. I was going to go find Pastor but I think id chicken out... But still. I wanted to find Pastor.
I never did find pastor. And my puppy wasn't enjoying his walk. He was sitting down. When he sits he doesn't want to go.
But when he lays down. He's absolutely not going to change his mind. So I pick him up. He's heavy. But he didn't like the walk.
I was halfway home and I saw my history teacher Mrs Urban. The only teacher I didnt tell I had a puppy. She got out of her car and said "Who's your little friend?"
I picked blue up and walked across the street toward her.
I said "His name is Blue... He's 9 weeks old"
She told me "And I just told Mr Urban I could never see myself getting a dog. He's so cute"
...anyway. I took blue home.
Blue came running into my room and he layed down. Dad came in my room and said "He's in here because I sp-nked him"
"He p-- on the floor." I do take him out alot.
But now he's scared of dad. Afraid to come out of my room. I convinced him to come out but he ran back in. Poor baby </3

Then I let him out to go Potty dad tried to tell him to get in the House. He wad to scared. He ran from dad. So I had to go get him.
He hides by Me when he's scared.

I called blue when we were outside. He ran to me all happy. I picked him up and said "See dad? He comes for me when he's not leashed"
dad said
"He's scared of me. He runs when I let him out. I've punched him to many times"
When dad says punched he means Smacked...

Blue is a good boy... Really. He is
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Mar 13, 2014