Do You Believe Everyone Has A Purpose?

Do You Believe Everyone Has A Purpose?

For me I say Yes!

As young children we see, hear, and feel something that makes us feel great inside. For most children when a certain something is discovered; to learn about, how to do, or see something that brings the good high emotions of excitement, the child will carry the excitement and treasure it inside themselves, and all thoughts become show and tell.

Young children love helping, showing, teaching others. To teach something they have learned brings pride and joy to oneself. They discover helping others feels great, and for many children no matter how tough the situation may be at home, all they can think about is “I want to be a fireman, a doctor or nurse, a teacher, a policeman/policewoman, an artist, a scientist, a singer, any type of occupation that helps others”. They do not know the value of of a dollar as of yet, all they can see is to help others brings joy and happiness in life. But then as most grow older it all becomes a forgotten memory.

Through our life we are on the ‘roller-coaster of life”, along with the ride comes the many highs and lows of emotions, and as we grow older we are always in search for that something that will bring to us happiness, because to be happy is the most searched for aspect of life.

Through our search many times we find it right here inside EP, when we respond to a question being asked or share a story that will help others, and it makes us happy, which brings us joy feeling good inside oneself.

So again, Do I Believe Everyone Has A Purpose? Absolutely Yes!
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Thanks for this reminder about why I am here....Your reflections about children are so true, and I have witnessed it with my own as I have struggled to raise them without the damage I suffered.<br />
<br />
I found out some time ago that a life lived in service of others is the best kind we can live and I strive to leave this world better than how I found it. Yet, I find in my day to day struggles, I lose that focus and your story gave me that gentle reminder that I needed that I already have the answer to happiness, peace, serenity and contentment...Thanks...SS