I Was Asked To Look Into A Picture And To Tell What First Thought Comes To Me.

I was asked to look into a picture and to tell what first thought comes to me. We were having a discussion on the purpose of life and this link was then sent to me. After seeing the picture I share with you my response. If you would like, check the picture out for yourself, read the words written and come back here to post what your thoughts are. I would love to know if you agree with what came to me.

Picture 16.

Thank you,
Everything most certainly happen for a reason, for the past 2 years a powerful connection has been made with me, and everything makes sense with the words I write as I hear them. People and things come to me for reasons, and with our communication recently it has come to light, simply with what you have sent me. Now remember I have never been any kind of religious person because I new the false truths that they tell, using Jesus name, and God as a way to collect money to satisfy their own needs, its only a business that gives very little back in value. However I am a spiritual person, my whole life I never gave it much thought, never really knew what it means, I just always felt “They” were guiding me. When I was younger I could not wait until I turned fifty, because I heard, and felt, it will become the time for something special. We’ll now I know!

When I opened this link you sent to me, in less than five min. I felt the connecting power, I may have figured the message out, And it has a lot to do with what I’ve been writing. My book has many of the answers and beliefs I am trying to share with the world.

After reading this part below, It all came to me,

Antichrist into mitres 1972...
Our Lady — "Now this, My child, will bring much consternation from the clergy. Look upward, My child, and tell the world what you see."
Veronica — "I see the picture of "Jacinta 1972."
Jesus — "And what is in this picture, My child? Repeat."
Veronica — I see the letters very heavily penciled over by Jacinta when she wrote this message. It says — one part of the message — there are five parts to the "Jacinta 1972" picture, but one part says: "A - C into, I - N - T - O, mitres 1972."
Jesus — "Repeat that well, My child."
Veronica — "Antichrist into mitres 1972."
Jesus — "That, My child — I know you were much affrighted at that message when you first received it from Jacinta several years ago. But nothing that We give you is to remain hidden. It is necessary for the battle ahead.
"Be it known to all men upon earth that the antichrist has entered now among you. Be it known to Our bishops and cardinals: (I do not include Pope John Paul II at this time, because he is under the domination of his bishops and cardinals.) I look upon My Church at this time and I find gross errors. I tell you now, all bishops and cardinals of the world: My Church shall not be defaced. You shall not defame My Name. I will allow this to continue but for a short time. If you do not acknowledge Me properly before the world, I assure you, I will not acknowledge you before the Father; and you will not have eternal rest with my Father in Heaven." Vigil of Oct 2, 1989

Jesus Always Comes I N T O

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All In Good Behavior

JACINTA; is said that+ Jesus always comes into All in good behavior.
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