Love Of Pyjamas

For as long as I can remember I have loved girls pyjamas and always felt so jealous of my sisters and the pyjamas they used to wear. I particularly love round or crew necked ones rather than jacket types, the more girlish the better. Fortunately I am able to get plenty of ones that fit me. I also love one piece ones. I grew up in a small rural town with no real amenities. I was the youngest and my sisters were four and five years older. Every evening up to aged 17 we had to dress for bed at five, have our tea and be in bed by six. At about age 10 I remember for the first time getting excitement st seeing my sisters pyjamas and wishing I could wear the same types. Theres were mainly round necked of various the one in my profile photo

As soon as I grew up and moved away I began to buy these type of pyjamas for myself  and to this day still do. 

Getting changed into a pair as soon as I get home in the evening is a great way for me to relax. It is not about or soley about any sexual feeling but more about wearing something comfortable that I enjoy.

I hope to meet others on this site who share this fetish and will share expierences.

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Nov 30, 2012