Pyjama Snap

This a true story that happened about eleven years ago. I was living in a flat and overhead lived a young woman in her early forties about the same age as I was. She had a daughter aged 13 at the time.

We were very friendly in a platonic way and knew that I tended to wear girls pyjamas. We shared a communal phone which was beside my flat so frequently we were answering it for each other so they would both see what I was wearing as I without flaunting myself did not hide the fact that I wore these types of pyjamas. They would also have seen them hanging on the clothesline drying. The mother would say lovely jammies your wearing there. We never got round to discussing my fetish in any detail mores the pity.

Anyway I had recently bought a lovely pair of pink and white pyjamas with a motif of a princess in the front. I was wearing them one evening when the .phone rang. It was about eight thirty. Before I could answer it the young girl had got there. it was for me and she knocked my door. I opened it and to both of our surprises she was wearing the exact same pyjamas that had been bought for her as a present(not by me) We stared at each other for a few seconds and she said snap as we laughed. Well what else could you do when as a 13 year old girl you see your forty plus male neighbour wearing the same pyjamas as you.

That is a true story

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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I had a good laugh at this. It is pleasing you have and had the self confidence to do this.

I don't have a fetish for pjs but I am still made to wear them to this day.

Hi, just read this story and I have had similar experiences to you, I have a really strong desire/fetish towards girls jammies and I can't explain it either, recently I have actually went out fully dressed as a woman to see how that felt, but I felt nothing, it's really just the girly jammies and slippers that I like and I can't explain why. Reading your story about the young girl seeing you in the same jammies as her made me laugh as I've often been to friends houses (girls) and seen them wearing jammies and thinking to myself I have them at home. As Im getting older I like you am kinda past caring who knows or even sees me in them now as I now go out into the garden in them and even on the rare occasion have been to the shops in them. Thanks for sharing you stories it's good to know I'm not alone