One More Again....what If???

I have had a crush on this guy and we mess around a lot, but he has a girlfriend and I have a boyriend. Our only problem is that we cant seem to stay away from each other for too long. I mean he changed the way he did everything for me, he doesn't like to kiss but he kisses me, he doesn't like to hear gossip but he listen to what I have to say, he will take me places when I ask him and he will spend time with me whenever I want him here with me. But today I found out that he reapplied to go over seas again and he didn't tell me about it until the day he was to leave. He has not been calling me and he has not been returning any of my emails. I know the job that he does over there has him gone on missions alot but he could return at least one email. He came home yesterday and the whole day I did not see him until that night that he had to come over to pick up his children that I was babysitting. He told me that he was coming to chill with me the next day, he came and we talked and I asked him why he didn't return any of my emails or why he didn't call me, and what he said shocked me. He said that he missed me and he didn't know how to put it in words just right for him to express the way he really felt. He also said that the sound of my voice would have only made him home sick and he couldn't deal with that. But when I asked him why he could talk to his girlfriend he said it was because she was the mother of his children and he wanted to make sure they were being taken care of. He loves his children this I know. But do you thinkt that he is feeding me a load of bullshit or is it the truth from the way he sees it, you tell me ????????? 

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@Soneone21 I dont think u ge the real situation. I am not putting myself out there like a convenient piece of #@$ for anyone, I want to be with my boyfriend but my heart is slowly being pulled in a different direction. I would not be unfaithful to him if I could help it but the fact is that for a long time I turned a blind eye to what my bf was doing to me because i loved him. Then this man came along giving my the time and attention I wanted from my bf who was too busy chasin other females. I tried to fight it but it just could not be helped. I thought that the other man would just have been a one time thing but it became more than that over time. I dont want him to leave his gf and he doesn't want me to leave my bf until we are ready. He emails me and writes me letters every week there has been no BS goin on for a longtime now.

You two do not need to be together. You two are ***** footing around. If you both claim to be committed to others than do yourselves a favor and realize it was not meant to be. You don't deserve to be any man's second hand fling and he doesn't deserve to be your second hand midnight fling either. That's a poisonous relationship if it means you have to lie, manipulate, and deceive others just to make it appear to be alive and thriving. <br />
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Who care's if he is BSing you, let him go. Do yourself a favor and re-evaluate what is important to you because you are very much lower yourself for someone who does not care enough about you to not cross the line with you. He didn't email you because he didn't want anything to do with you. You are a convenient piece of *** that he doesn't have to try too hard to get to. Be real about it woman, bottom line is your committed to others. If you want to be with him, stop wasting the other guys time and let him go so he can find someone who is not going to screw around with his time and heart.

to me, the bottom line is as long as you both are with someone, does it matter if he's BSing you? if i were actually with him as his gf, then i'd be worried about him being full of it but by him being with you when he already has a gf, that tells me there that he's BSing you to some degree.