"what's Your Point?"

I'm well aware of the problems I have, whether I understand or am happy with them or not. But if I ask a question I want an answer  - not a question.
Like....What's Your Point?'
Well, I guess I just want you to answer me - what do you mean what's my point? Is that my point? Well..Huh????
I don't think so, you are ready for me to start something if you answer and that was not it at all. Are you saying What are you fixing to start trouble about?
Excuse me. No, I just wanted a simple answer not your defensive attitude. That is always how it is.
So, depending on my ADHD mood swings I will either raise hell or get confused and go off to be alone . and it hurts. And I'm accused of going off pouting.You just walk away shaking your head and I feel the guilt rising in me despite the fact I don't feel i've done anything wrong. If I get confused, I'll forget the question and only feel upset for how did I set you off this time.
If I get angry, Go Away  and leave me be. I'm sick to death of this.
I,m so pressured at the very moment that I can no longer think straight and I had a whole lot to say. Now wait, you have to let me know what's going on
in our lives, (Sorry, my head went into one of those issues that I just spoke of) .....It's embarrassing but this is very important for me to say and my mind
has frozen what I had to say. Nothing new, I have to shut the **** up all the time, I'm used to it , but I Have to leave this unfinished story so that I will come
back and finish it.
I think I may be just on the brink of the above spoken "Point"

Sorry for the puzzling outburst but I really have something to say about this, and I want to leave the story as is so I'll know I'll have to come back and finish the damn thing.

I do have a problem and it's mine  but I can't help it but I feel anyone who reads this will indeed ask that very thing "What's Your Point" I want to throw things and raise hell and I'm so pissed I better stop. Hopefully I'll come back and explain, but until then I am really going to seem a fool.
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I dont alway's have a point to make nor do I want too. Somtime's thing's just build up or maybe I am just in a bad mood. I just want to blow steam about anything and everything under the sun and get it off my chest. If people get it, fine and if they dont get it that's fine too. That is one of the purpose's of this site.

I know. Our other sisser too!! Holy cow, 3 of us, and God put us together.<br />
Thank you UnderEli, the main person is in real life though, and while I've messed up here too, I received much more help and love and kindness, than the painful parts. I've learned from them too though! {hugs} to both of you!

I do not want to know what your point is, because it's plain enough to see. I'm sorry you encountered someone who gave you such an attitude instead of being straightforward and up front with you. It sounds like all you were looking for was information. The person you were asking, instead of being open, put up an evasive wall, and essentially said "Mind your own business, why don't you?" How rude!<br />
<br />
Needless to say, there are people like that in every forum, just as there are everywhere in RL, too. It's too bad this has to happen. Rest assured that it was not your fault this person reacted this way. It has to do with who they are, not who you are. I hope you've been able to move on from this experience. Life is just too short, you know?