One More Question That Bugs Me -.-

Okay so i have one question! My parents are fighting and i have one question in my head. Are they ever going to love each other as they used to? I know it's a hard one but i need answer! I read a lot about that. And i saw one thing that is still in my head. It was written "Every couple has problems,and married couples have even more problems and they have one period of fights" so i think that now my parents are in that period!! What do you think guys? Please help me! Me with Love ♥
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Yeah i tried not to think about them but it is not possible. i can't do anything and i have to wear FAKE smile all the time. Between my friends,when i am playing tennis all the time!

I understand that your mind is all over their issue but worrying about it is definetly not gonna help either it'll only cause you stress. This may sound weird but if get in the middle, some how their problems will be transfered to you. Please trust what I am saying, it's better to go to your happy place ^_^

Boriangel101 I will try my best. Thank you ;)

Right now not getting in the way is the best bet. There is one rule of thumb and that is NEVER get between a marriage and that includes taking sides, their fights and even their arguments. Just let your parents worry about that and try not to think much about it, it's their problem ^_^