Homophobic And Transphobic

Alright, so today at school, me and my friend were talking about school. Then I brought up the topic of gay people. I asked him if he had a best friend who you found out was gay, would he still be friends with him/her. He said yes, but he then proceded to say he would also try to make them "Ungay"

I asked him why he would try to do that, so he began a 2 minute long rant about how "Gayness" is wrong and is shunned on by God and should be destroyed. I looked at him in disgust and asked him if he was homophobic. He then stared at me, and
said how homosexuality is bad. I asked him how and he stated three very biased opinions.

After that, I moved on to the subject of transgender/sexual people. He then stated that being trans is wrong and humans should stay their gender. I then told him you could do by using hormones. He said "ewww..." He didn't even know the hormones were natural. He then brought up God again even though I told him some people feel too uncomfortable in their body and have to change genders to be happy. He then said humans were wired for their gender and nothing could change that.

Do you guys have an idea of how to explain to him about how being trans is not wrong and is equal to any other human?
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I have a friend who changed gender while I was away. I don't quite understand the psychology and she has tried to explain, but one thing is clear. My lack of understanding is secondary to the fact that this person is no less a friend nor that I should deny their right to freedom of belief when it is I who is at a loss.

Hey I found your story when I put in my area code so I think I'm near you but just know there's a decent of amount of people who will accept you not everyone is like them

This is the way I interpreted your comment Dorian,

No I am not gay, though I believe I might possibly have gender dysphuria (or however you spell it)

Thank you for commenting

He will have to meet and know these types of people to even begin to understand. His is a point of ignorance and it can't change until he sees that good, honest people can be gay or Trans. He will have to see for himself their internal struggle to just be themselves.

Thank you.