yes i do have a question..this question is a very simple on...tell me do you need my help?
CloudNinjaForever CloudNinjaForever
18-21, M
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Sure, I need a cat from you. It only costs 1 token. :D

sent the cat you wanted

Thank you bro!

you are welcomed

Oh, I could always use some help. And I could always use another friend to chat with.

lol i can use all than get....but mainly just need ppl that will listen to me when i need to talk and not judge me....if u can do that then yes....i do need ur help

i will always listen to my friends and never judge feel free to talk..

thx ninja :)

Depends on what help you can offer hahahaha.

what help do you need?

You know anything about martial arts? I was wondering which one would fit me haha.

i know little karate...

Oh haha never mind then, thanks anyways.

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