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I really like her. We have been talk more and more. Get the feeling that she is into me and that i might have a chance whit her, but the thing is that we are both girls. I havent realy told alot of people that i like both girls and boys and the ones who do know i asked them to keep quite. I do not know if the girl im crushing on is bi or into girls(hope she is). It seems like she likes me or maybe im reading to much into it. Maybe she sees me only as a friend. Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe. Its killing me i need to know! But im to afraid to ask. Im scared if she says no but also is she says yes. what will happen. Not even my Best Friend knows that im bi im to scared of the reaction that i might get. And lets say i ask the girl and she say she does. Whay then? Ask her out?! Im scared that if other people fing out they wont want to be around me. i dont want to loss anyone but i realy like this girl. What do i do?
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This exact situation happened to me, and guess what, the girl did like me. But, I spent a whole year sending stronger and stronger signals to her, until eventually she asked if my feelings for her were mutual, they were, so we went out :) take your time, and when you feel like you and her are close enough, be honest and ask.. good luck!

I understand what you feel and one things for sure, its really painful. Sorry but in my opinion i suggest that you should not ask her out. Lets say that you really like her a lot. That every moment you see her your heart would suddenly burst out of your chest.But its still not the right thing to fall for the her. What if you asked her and then she says no. It would be hurt full and humiliating in your part. God created us paired with a man . But not with a woman. And as you said you also like boys at the same time , why not just wait for your destined mr. right to come. It would be much happier to do whats right rather than live in a fantasy that would never come to a happy ending .Surely you two would live happily with an opposite sex. So just let these feelings go and move on. To move on ,try to say to yourself that your better than her. Dont fantasize her. Dont think of her for long time Stay friends until you have learned to move on. . Sorry but its the best thing to do so you wont get hurt. I also learned from myself. And now im happy. ... PS. this is only my opinion . And i respect your desiscion, I support you. Goodluck with this. :D

So I am guessing by your response that you are against same sex couples? I understand your opinion, however, this person telling their story didn't ask you whether you think a gay relationship would work in God's book.. they just simply asked if they should take a risk and ask out their crush

Sorry i havent seen your first post to her earlier.
not to say that im against to them. Cause im not. i've been through this too so,understand how this person feels. I know that some people would have these kind of feeling for their same sex. and its inevitable to a girl whos a gay. This infatuation/puppy love/crush is also kind of love, even for same sexes,which is part of this person's needs.This feeling is kind of complicated and i think you cant just follow what your heart says. you should think about it too.The consequences of taking this risk is, what others would think of you and losing this person you're in love with.Plus you arnt even sure if shes a gay. But if your heart really is for her. Then try to see for yourself. tell her you like her. you'll know the answer. And i just gave my opinion, and based on what i had experienced this is the answer i got.sorry if i misinterpret it.I didn't based it on god's book. I've also encountered this situation with my friend.her crush isn't a gay. And it really worked with her.

Yeah I agree with you, sorry for the misunderstanding :)

Yeah, sorry too. But thanks for correcting me. :)

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