Why Do Some Farts Hang Around ?

I walked into a room at a house i was cleaning... OMG it smelled so bad... made the eyes water. I went outside for fresh air. 

Then after about 5mins i went back inside AND IT WAS STILL THERE !!  I put my t-shirt over my nose and checked to see if they flushed the toilet... nothing there... not even the smell....

So thinking it was safe i walked back into the room only to be confronted with Stench AGAIN.. it was like walking into a wall of invisible poo ... I was surprised the paint didnt peel of the walls it was sooooo bad.... i went outside again... then i saw the window cleaner walk inside..

I was going to warn him.. but.. i didnt want him to think that i did it.. so i sat outside and giggled to myself.. i expected him to run out and throw up.. he never emerged... i looked inside and he was just walking around like he had Fart repelant on....hmmm I thought.. HE DID IT !!  yup yup  A sly fox knows its own smell .. He must have been so proud of himself...

After he left i had to spray the house with lemon fresh .... and thought "Id hate to wash his underpants !! "   

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9 Responses May 18, 2007

They had to repaint the house. It was peeling off the walls :P


Now that's what your "i have a question" question should have been about...are there special pants?!! Then again, I think you have your answer. What I'm curious is about how he releases the noxious gas. Is there anything that can be done to stop this Menace??

When i think about it ... he did look pleased with himself ... I wonder if there are special pants for the distribution of Bad Smells ??

Errr.... I was going to get you a gas mask, but give your current convulsing, I think that maybe that's not such a good idea! Did you get a description? It sounds like terrorism by flatulence! Must have had special pants to carry that about with him :P

Perhaps the reason the Fart Of High Lethality was free to roam about, erode the insides of your nasal cavities and then become the house poltergeist was because the perpetrator was ...... going COMMANDO!


ROFLMAO........<br />

I guess all men have this 'problem' as you would put it. but it is funny as all hell - LOL I'll keep my stories to myself though....