I Need a Little Help On This One.

I am a stressed out person pretty much all the time. I really need to find a way to relax. I was woundering if some of yall could send me a message of leave me a comment about how yall relax. Honestly i tryed everything i could think of, but it just dosent work. I would greatly aprishate it if yall could help me. Thanks.
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a long warm candlelit bath always works for me!

i try to think of "what is something that would make me feel better now?" and then do it. usually my body tells "a nice hot bath, a beverage, a book, and my favourite comfy pajamas." i also have comfort movies that always make me feel warm and fuzzy, like disney's robin hood and the princess bride. good luck!

First, identify the things that are making you stressed. Do what you can to control these triggers, but accept the fact that there are things in life that are not straightforward. ~~~ Realise that stress is a natural response of your body to a perceived threat to yourself. This is very important. It is your *perception* of the situation that results in your stress. So stress really results from within. You may not be able to alter the situation, but you can alter your response to it. ~~~ Take a look at some of Anthony Robbins' stuff for a good summary and practical application of this stuff ~~~ Finally, develop good stress release mechanisms. If you are not eating well, and trying to enforce sound sleeping habits, you are not really trying to reduce your stress. And you MUST exercise. Plus, try meditative releases - either casual walks or formal meditation.

i know it's probably something you've tried... but it's the only good advice i have, any other good advice would make me a hypocrate... but relaxation comes easy after sleeping a lot... probably won't help for when you're awake, but hey it passes the time

first get to the core of the problem... what is stressin you out so bad that you cant relax? once you answer that question, then get rid of the problem.....easy as that. if its not something you can get rid of, then try goin to the dr. your problems may need medical treatment. good luck.