Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong to want more for your family when you have nothing? We have nothing... and my mother deserves so much more. I feel as thought God has been with us through it all and has given us so much already, just knowing that we are alive and make it each day. We have no money and are often unhappy... though, we are happy because we love each other. We are a close family. Is it wrong to want more?
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grams, TheTardyDodo, Thank you so much for your comments. Wow. And, Dodo, I agree with all of that monster comment, including that there is much wisdom in these wonderful comments. Thank you all, and have a wonderful day!

There are some fantastic comments here, there is some great wisdom to be had from all.<br />
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My own take on your question is that I think it is very important to focus on what it is you <i>really</i> want here, what it is you are trying to achieve. Do not let the means of achieving these things end up becoming your goals, do not mistake the means for the ultimate end.<br />
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Seems to me likely that you want one thing really: for your family to be happy.<br />
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Because we live in a universal that is both spiritual and material, it is not possible to ignore the material; there is no moral wrong in having material needs.<br />
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I think the material dimensions of happiness are related to the following:<br />
<br />
Freedom from the stress of scarcity. (Money stress).<br />
[The trick here is that you don't need a *lot* of money to escape this stress, what you need is <i>better budgeting skills</i>].<br />
<br />
A sense of abundance. (The capacity to have luxury).<br />
[The trick here is that you do not need a lot of expensive luxury to feel this. Nothing is less personal or fulfilling in the long run than designer items. :P ]<br />
<br />
Both are part of the nature of life, in many ways. <br />
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There are two catches I think. As <b>Carlow</b> mentions, it is also part of human nature to want more, whether or not that more is material, intellectual, social, emotional or spiritual largely depends on your value system, but people always want a bit <i>extra</i>.<br />
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The second is that if you are asking this question, the answer is actually "yes, for you there is something wrong with wanting more". By which I mean that you know deep down that there is something that doesn't quite gel within you about wanting these things. A wrinkle, a niggle. Perhaps it is just a matter of knowing that perhaps you really want some of these things just because you want them for you, as well as wanting them for your family? That is ok, too. Or maybe it is that you are worried that you might be putting too much weight or focus or priority on them.<br />
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Anyway, thems me thinkings. :)

Poetic, wanting more in life for your family or for yourself will make you strive to learn and achieve more, It is a healthy thing. I just hope you never lose sight that money doesn't assure happiness. The love that your family possesses is more valuable than material wealth.You are a talented girl, you have endless possibilitys ahead of you. God Bless

Oh, my, my... thank you, thank all of you! I greatly appreciate everything you have had to say! May you have a wonderful day!

It is not wrong to want more, you may not see it but you are so blessed already, you ahave a family that is close. hopefully god will grant you your wish to allow your family to enjoy the finer things in life. you guys sound great and deserve it

The real question is why do you feel guilty for wanting more? Its probably because you actually see the whole of the world around you. You see that there's people who have far less than you and even they are happy. But the thing to realise is that more things won't truely make you more happy your already happy and thats great but having more things can make you more comfortable. Its a great feeling to know you don't have to worry about the next bill and to know your parents are taken care of. To know you can give your parents a new experience like sending them on holiday...they deserve it they gave you a million new expereinces and never asked for anything in return...but they do deserve them. I always went with the idea that I wanted more and to give those I loved more. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of worry at times but eventually the hard work pays off and you can begin being more comfortable. I hope you go the same way too...

It's not wrong at all... it's human nature. We all want something more, we all want the unreachable and the unobtainable. If it weren't for that very drive that compelled us to shoot for things we know deep down inside we can never get/have, life wouldn't be worth living. It's not always the destination that's important, and sometimes, the journey itself is equally important.

You are lucky to have a close family, It's not wrong to want more. You always want the best for the people you love.