How Have You Found This Site??

I came across this site when I was googling the meaning of dreams, I was looking for a site where you can publish dreams. I found this site and signed up to find out what this site is all about. My first nickname was GreenRose. After publishing a few stories I decided to close this acount, but then I missed this site so I signed up as Unicorn again. Now I'm staying ;) How did you find this site???
GrueneRose GrueneRose
9 Responses Jul 18, 2007

I also found this site from a google search for dreams, I was having terrible nightmares & wanted to research more about dreams, causes & meanings. I also wanted to keep a log of my dreams & I think that's the search terms that brought me here

I was checking my email and I got a email from someone i cant even remember who it was, but someone sent me a email inviting me to come and check it out. and I am so glad who ever it was did. I just love this site. already I have met some wonderful people and I am making some great new friends. Pam

i'm another StumbleUpon user. i just stumbled in... and stayed!


I was googling something about how ppl form first impressions on face value for a psychology essay. I started reading and only realised it was a story instead of a scientific article at the end! I got curious, and had a look around the site. It seemed really sincere and like carlow said, "not ugly like myspace"! <br />
I was quite apprehensive about the whole "be truthful and be yourself no matter how ugly it gets" approach everyone seemed to have. Actually, I was a complete nervous wreck after submitting my 1st or 2nd story! Thank goodness I kept going, against the screaming inner voice that told me to delete my account and run run run!! ;P

You know, I have no idea. Like you, there was a gap between when I found it, and when I started using it on a more regular basis.

I actually found this site using "StumbleUpon" ( Glad I did, too... it's more personal than Facebook and not ugly like myspace!

I found this site by googling "I hate my mother-in-law" go figure. Came to find out I'm not the only one! Got to thank her for helping me stumble upon such a great site. LOL

I found it from a hospice site, under grieaving, as I lost my husband to cancer over two years ago