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Has anyone looked at your cell phone bill and noticed that you were being charged from a 3rd party such as M-Qube or Fun-mobile? It has happened to me twice. A few months ago I noticed 4 charges a $5.99. I didn't catch it the month before where I had another 4 charges of $5.99. I called Nextel and they told me that I had subscribed to a 3rd party wireless service and that they were billing me though nextel. Turns out, what it actually happens is these 3rd party's send you a text message. And if you DO NOT reply, you are automatically subscribed. You have to read the text message, then reply that you do not want the service. I had to call nextel and get it taken off, then I had to fight them to get the charges removed. I got my bill this month and it happened again on one of my other phones. I have to go through that whole thing again. I tried to call Sprint corporate and complain, but they don't give a ****. Their response was that, that's the way the system works, and that no matter how many junk text messages I get, it is my responsibility to read ALL of them, and reply to them if need be so that I don't get scammed.

Is that a bunch of **** or what?

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You nailed it on their customer service. They do suck...big time.<br />
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I have heard that about Verizon. I seem to be kind of stuck with Nextel. A lot of my customers have nextel as well as most of my suppliers. The direct connect is so handy. If I switched, I'd have to use a ton more cell minutes. I'm beginning to wonder if it would be worth the switch.

I used to have my service through Sprint...they were very uncooperative with various issues. Their customer service SUCKS!!!<br />
I've since switched to Verizon and they ROCK! They're customer service is great and I havent had any issues that they haven't resolved.

I called my representative yesterday...we'll see if they give a **** and call back. I'm going to call my state rep today. Hopefully they'll take your example some day.

Yeah...It's all a scam. ****** me off too. I hate it that there's not a damn thing you can do bout it.

That's what I was told today from a Sprint representative.

That's kind of messed up. So they can just do this to anybody and get away with it regardless of whether or not they want it?

That's they way I understand the DNC also.

The Do-Not-Call registry does not prevent all unwanted calls. It does not cover contact from companies with which you have established a business relationship; they are billing you so you have a business relationship. This has a limitation that the last contact can't be longer than x years previous to the contact. <br />
It also doesn't cover contact for which you have given prior written permission; read the fine print on those ring tone offers and you will see that a lot of them reserve the right to share your information with third parties. By providing your cell number you just gave that company your permission to contact you. Not all of them do this but be sure to read the contract before you accept the ring tone.

I need it on 4 of my lines though. I called my representative today. They took my number and said they'd call back. Ha ha...yeah right.<br />
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I think I will try the state attorney. Good idea.

Nextell doesn't have a no contract deal. I wish. I have tried to have text disabled on 3 of my lines for the guys in the field. They don't need text. It hasn't worked so far. I want text on the other 4 because they use it. I think you should be able to have a cell phone without getting scammed like this.

How the Hell can they by-pass the "Do Not Call" guidelines? Isn't that border-lining on invasion of privacy?

At least change the way it works so that you are subscribed only if you reply. That automatic thing is bullshit.

AlDente, I know that is usually when it happens to a lot of folks I know. Not only that, but because you signed up for their service their company and any subsidiary company do not have to follow the do not call guidelines; so they can contact you as often as they want unless you contact the company directly. There should be better regulation than the "Do not call' crap we are struck with at this point.