...is the nastiest thing you have licked and why?

I once licked my mates tax disc holder when it fell off, and then nearly threw up when he told me he hadn't touched it since he bought his car second hand......................


I licked someone else's lick


what's the nastiest thing you have licked?

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15 Responses Feb 10, 2009


Anywhere but here, moo. This bun doesn't doo chocolate frosting. (And yes, that's a typo, but it's too apropo...I'm leaving it in!)

everyone else is doing it. dont you wanna be cool?

lol if i was speechless i wouldnt tell. He has to much control over you while he holds a secret!

Look! There's a very interesting thread! Over here! Someplace else! Anyplace!

ZOMG!!! you could have aids!

is that bad? any different then sharing an ice cream cone?

you would have to say what yours was for either of us to know...

worst stuff in the world... but i still think i win for nastiest thing consumed...

better then java ice cream i can assure you that!

yes well i dont like it and the thing is nastiest thing licked not consumed. Ice cream is the only thing i ever licked...

What! Coffee flavored ice cream is awesome! Hm... I think the nastiest thing I've ever licked was a coin on a dare. I then dared her to lick a toilet seat (which she did). I think I got the better end of that one.

There was a guy at a party where I had way, way, way too much to drink.... I made out with him and the next day, when I saw him sober, (well, hung over and probably technically still drunk, but a lot more sober than the night before), I realized that I had been licking him and OMG vomit city!!!!

coffee flavored ice cream...

ha, ha, ha, ha... I know what it is.... say it! C'mon, say it!