So Confused

     I'm not very religious. Over the years I have become slowly more and more confused about what I actually believe in. The thought of God is wonderful but I just don't know that I believe in him any more. I feel like so many people live in fear that if they mess up in life they are going to hell. I do believe in evolution. And why couldn't God have been responsible for evolution? How could we all have come from two people? If that's the case then why are people against inscest? How can there be so much suffering in the world? So many children with nothing. I just feel like life isn't about faith in God. I feel like if we have faith in life itself that's all we can ask for. Haha. It's not really one question but I want to know some peoples views on what you believe in. I'm not asking to be preached to. But what do you believe in, not what you think you SHOULD believe in.

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I'm not sure about any particular Religion although I'm a Presbyterian Protestant. But if nothing else, I believe the biblical verse that" The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". Live your life the way you think God would have you live it according to your conscience. Also, it's not a religious that saves a man?woman but what's in his heart.

ranmoo that probably makes the most sense out of anything i have read so far. and i think you're right! i cant keep letting the unknown drag me down. i need to just live my life, hope i live it well and thats the end of it. thank you so very much for your comment. i hope you accept me into your circle!

Great! No problemo:)

Ok here goes. If u take half of something u have a half left. If u haalf it again u have half of that. U can do this n 2 infinity and never reach zero. Have u ever stood between 2 mirrors that reflect off of each other. Does the reflection ever end? Or have u ever tried counting all the stars or the grains of sand on a beach? How many apples r n an apple seed? The point is there r some things we just do not know and probably never will. It is enough if u know who u r and what u believe. Sometimes the only answer is just"I Do Not Know". Imagine that

I'm agnostic. I wrote my story on here if you want to see how I came to this stance on life. <br />
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But, your questioning regarding the ridiculousness, impossiblilities and errors of religion is a step in the right direction.<br />
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If you choose to believe in god, do not think you need some religion written by men, filled with their own dogma and fairy tales to love god. <br />
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And considering worship, if there is a god, I do not think he/she/it would be so vain as to demand worship. And I tell you this, if god is the god in the Bible, I would rather not worship him. Biblegod is very cruel and pretty much a jerk.

so you believe in life after death? or something after death?

but if i dont believe am i dooming my self to a eternal damnation? im not saying i dont want to believe but i dont want to live in fear either.

Fear of the lord is a beginning of wisdom. The word "fear' here means respect. Know that in the final analysis, you will be held responsible for your deeds. All of us. Life is to be lived and certainly not in fear. I don't believe anyone fear Hell unless they've lived a life deliberately in violation of God's basic laws.

lol thats a good way to look at it.

Nite Ducky ...... Look forward to it

LLL you already have it ....... you have faith pure and simple faith .......... There is no need to put a hat on it just be content with the fact that you enjoy the understanding of the need to have faith not a faith .....<br />
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Best I could do lol : )

i have to go but i would love to talk to you about this please pm me if u can and we can talk more hope your having a good day hope to talk to u soon<br />

hahaha. and thats exactly why im confused! and what about all the other religions? arnt there religions that are older than say christianity? i want to have faith in something because i think faith keeps us going. im just lost.

I have been interested lately in people who had NDE (Near Death Experiences). Check out YouTube and listen to testimonial of people who have died and for a period have had OBE (Out of Body Experiences). I would recommend listen to Eben Alexander, a Neurosurgeon who has experienced an NDE, himself. I'm impressed. Also, it will answer many questions that you have asked.

Well LLL that's a deep one .... Lets see were is it written that we must believe in a god , is it illegal not to don't think so ...... whats the basic principles of the mainstream ......... Six days to make the heavens and earth and all the creatures ..... and on the seventh the god rested Hmmmmm . Lets see then theirs the virgin birth who we then killed but was reborn Hmmmm . Then their is the piece of black meteor which that god descended upon Hmmmmm . Then theirs the one with two sons one the son from a housemaid but fathered by a King Hmmmmm. Oh yes and the one were we come back after death as another creature Hmmmmm. Oh yeah and one that says the earth is only four thosands years old Hmmmmm. Nuf said our shall we continue .... : )