A Question About the English Language

Or to be more precise: about it's pronunciation

first of all: the th (As in think, three, thoroughly etc)

At school we learned to put the tongue between our teeth, and then blow out. My question is: Do native speakers really pronounce it that way? It just seems very impractical to me, and it takes quite a long time to get the tongue back into a normal position, so it's impossible for me to talk fast and getting the th right. So, how do you pronounce it?


secondly: the word decision (the "sion" part, actually)

I always say it like the "sh" in shine, and really can't hear any difference, maybe because we don't have this sound in my mother tongue. How do you say it? Could you describe the position of the tongue etc for me

thirdly: zero (the z)

similar to the second question, i don't have the z sound in my mother tongue, just a normal s sound. Could you also describe how to correctly pronounce it for me?

Thanks in advance!

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

i got something from one of my friends here<br />
<br />
"ok,<br />
<br />
th - the tongue goes under the top teeth and just comes right back down, not "between the teeth. the tonge hugs the top-frint teeth.<br />
<br />
sion - do not pronounce like "sh" but more like "ss"<br />
<br />
z - a tough one to describe. start with 'ss" but close the upper and lower teeth together and think of a bee "buzzzzzing" like a hum almost."<br />
<br />
thanks to somewhatbent

first: i don't really know, i usaually fall into a german accent when it comes to the "th"<br />
<br />
second: it's like the sch in scheiße just roll in the tip of you tongue a bit and you got it<br />
<br />
third: like the s in sein<br />
<br />
(alle angaben ohne gewehr ähh... gewähr)