( This is long, I am sorry. But if someone could just take the time to read it and help me out? )Okay, so I was 16, and wanted to try smoking weed. So my friend and I got some and got high in her basement. It was pretty good, and I didn't get too high, and it was all around a good experience. I felt light and happy and very open. Well, I wanted to try it again so I did it a few more times, each time being good like the first. Well, we were going to do it again, but she brought along some more of her friends that I didn't know well at all, and they were all very 'experienced' smokers, and I didn't even smoke a whole joint. Well, it was already a tense environment because her friends made me feel, eh, intimidated, I guess you could say, and they were already pretty high by the time I had just started to feel my high. One of the other girls suggested I do a shotgun, and when I did, she claimed I didn't do it right and should do it again. So I did. And again. And again. Each time she laughed and said I was doing it wrong. My friend said I should slow down since I wasn't used to all of that, but I wasn't feeling a thing and brushed it off. Well I sat down and started to draw and eating a candy bar, and it hit me. The candy stuck to the roof of my mouth, and my entire body felt like I was floating. I started laughing, and couldn't stop, and offered the candy to one of the girls. She laughed at me and called me stupid and said I couldn't handle anything. That made me feel bad and I started getting just a bad feeling and knew that what was coming wasn't going to be fun. Though I had never heard of anyone 'tripping out' with smoking weed, I still felt a bit uneasy. I sat down and stared at my drawing, which was a mermaid. I started thinking deep about her, and what it would be like to be a mermaid. I got a pain in my chest and I started shaking, but I was so entranced by the drawing that I didn't stop to think why. Just then, my friend slapped me in the face and said I wasn't breathing and my face was turning blue. I figured I just thought about being a mermaid so much that I imagined living underwater and not breathing. The pain from her slapping me traveled all down body, and it felt as if every bone in my body was breaking. I stood up, and the floor seemed to sway beneath me. I fell down into another chair and my mouth was very dry so I asked for some water. I kept coming from this sense of a dream to this sense of reality, and every time I snapped into reality, I would laugh and tell the girls that I was fine. Someone handed me some water and I just stuck my thumb in it. It felt right, and it felt as if the cold wetness was the only thing that could keep me in the sense of reality. They were all laughing at me, and I would laugh with them and reply, but I would move, my body would move at least 5 seconds after I would move. It was so weird and I would say something to them, but it was like every time a word would come out, it wouldn't reach my lips until the next words were coming up. I got really tired and finally asked to go to bed. My friend helped me to her bed and left. I remember laying in the bed and trying to coach my self back into reality. I knew when each wave of my dream like state would hit, and I tried to tell myself to embrace it and enjoy it. Sometimes, I did, but other times, I would feel like reality wasn't real and it scared me. My body felt like it was sinking into the bed, blending with the blankets, becoming one with the bed. Finally, I began coming off my high and went back there with my friend, who was now alone and reading. I was in a happy state of high then, the kind that I try to achieve when I smoke now. It's not that don't handle it well (well, I guess I don't), but I just smoke a little bit to achieve a comfortable high. The reason I'm sharing this is to ask something. Every now and then, I'll still feel like my body is sinking into something, or I leave my sense of reality. But feeling like melting into something happens a lot more often. This happened nearly 10 months ago, but I still feel so... I don't know. Is it possible for weed to still have an effect on me? Maybe my low tolerance for that much left an imprint or something on my brain? Maybe it's all in my head, but I'm just curious.
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No, the effects would have worn off by then. But I've gotten drunk before, and one time when I was drinking (just for the hell of it) I felt drunk after two shots! It's all in your head. I love your story though! Idk why. It's not like it "turns me on" or the shotgunning part was "hot as hell". No, I have more respect for women than that. But still, I really liked your story. I'd love to hear more about it!