In college in CANADA, do you NEED a room mate? It can you choose to have your own dorm?
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Not all colleges in Canada have dorms. So most students rent from local housing and apartment complexes. In which case your going to need roommates, cause they won't go cheap.

Our university s have dorms. But its cheaper to rent apartments heck even a condo for the price of a dorm.

Dorms are first come first serve. So no you don't get to pick unless your up front when getting a dorm.

Well I'm going to gorgian college in Barrie Ontario

Have you called them up and asked what the standards are for the dorms and stuff.


I'm not sure if it was you I was talking to about this before or not.

All colleges and university have they own set standards. Asking here how a school is ran is a no brainer to not getting the answer you are seeking. If your lucky and including the new of the school your planning on going to, might land you a answer that your seeking. But this being the internet there is a chance that you won't run into that person.

Having said that. The amount of time it took me to suggest that you call the school. You would have thought of that. In fact calling the college you want to go till while in high school still shows the college that you have a interest in them. And when it comes time they may reward you with a transition script and half your schooling gets paid for.

So yes we like seeing you post and ask questions on bettering your future, and most of us at the very least are wishing you the best of luck. But in the end its up to you and you alone to ask the question to the school. Go ahead make phone calls.

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