What happened to young people??!!
I seen 4 8 year old girls at Shoppers Drug Mart about an hour ago buying refiner, Veet hair removal cream, mascara, lip stick/gloss and hair brushes... The one girl had an optimum card and a credit card with her name on it.. And while she was paying for the stuff her and her friends were texting or gossiping about what a loser Robin Williams was.. When I was 8, I had an allowance of 6$, a game boy colour (with Pokemon silver inside) and an eraser cell phone........ WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY NOW?!
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Morals, common sense and manners are all endangered species now. If you have any of them you're considered a weirdo. The biggest problem is things will only get worse.

Everything is wrong with this society , the future is screwed by those kids it all started with the wave of 2001 kids i was born in 2000 and i know what i want with my future , but those 13 year old kids from 2001 are ***** and no virgins anymore . I get angry at people who have sex before 16 or at least 15 if you get 16 in december . But we need back a future for our society

The only reason I had sex and had a baby was because I was raped, that's the ONLY acceptable reason for 13 years olds getting pregnant ANYWHERE

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