I have recently found out about Herp-Encephalitis, I know that it is very dangerous and can cause serious health issues. I've been reading things online and have only personally seen one instance were someone at the hospital I work at had it and the doctor and nurses said that it is life threatening and can cause serious damage to your brain. I'm trying to find out if anyone knows more about this because I am very concerned because I think I may have transmitted HSV-1 to my eyes before I was diagnosed with HSV-1. If anyone has any advice or knowledge please send me a message about this. It would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks
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Look up HSV-1.

I thought I had it too. It was actually a common flesh disorder that kids could get. Looks like HSV-1 only its more ulgy when they pop.

O and it was impego or something like that, that I had.

Takes about 10 days to get rid of. But looks like HSV1