Soul Mates

     I posted this question but I'm not sure how to comment on the comments I have gotten so I will post it as a story. I have questions! LOL so here is the question again:


Do you believe in soul mates? I think it's extremely rare but it happens. What do you think?

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the way i see it- if you have put a lot of effort into finding something with no results, or maybe no happy results, then maybe you should stop looking. when ever my fiance loses something he looks every where, (and you know how men look for things). He will ask me to help him look and i usually find it in a matter of minutes. try taking a step back. start doing things YOU love to do. take a vacation or go on a cruise. stop looking for what it is you're looking for. maybe it will come to you.

I believe in soul mates , just haven't had the good fortune to find mine yet.

yeah.. i want to believe it too. my parents have been together for 27 years

ptp- its always nice to know you found somone special. even beyond reason!

thanks salar! and raining4444- i agree that there are misconceptions about soulmates. for me the first thing that pops in my head when i think soulmate is a romantic lover. but i know now that a soulmate is someone who completes someone even if they dont know it.

Well done ..... you have answered your question as i would have done ...... :O)

well i think my answer to that would depend on the person. my best friend is like my sister. her kids like my niece and nephew. we have been friend for a long time now but we drift in and out of each other lives. those times can be years sometimes. but how i view a best friend and how someone else views a best friend could be 2 completely different things. do i think she is a soulmate? yes, actually i do. i find it hard to imagine her not in my life. she is the one person who knows absolutely everything about me. and i her. she is there when i need her most even if at has been years since we last talked. even our children are good friends. so maybe, depending on the person, there is no difference. but thats just my opinion.

LLL answer question with a question if I may ........<br />
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whats the difference between a soul mate and a best friend .....

I agree with you.

twin flames.... i like that!

I definitely believe in soulmates, soul siblings and twin flames...all different things.

i would imagine that for one to truly find their soulmate they would need to be at one with themselves. what i mean is, they would need to be completely at peace for their soul to even be open to another soul. too many people have inner turmoil and struggle with the little bit of time life gives us. i my self smoke. i have a hard time even believing in a god. i have found a life partner who i love and who loves me. but i would define a soulmate as someone who completes me. my children are part soulmates to me. there would be no point to my life without them. if my fiance were to die i would be devistated but i could go on. i also think that most people who find their soulmates do so when they are young. very young even. children souls are the purest. the most open. but children are also distractable. so i do believe they are out there. but im with mewold as in i think its very rare.

I believe in soul mates, and I believe you can have more than one. But I believe that is rare.

but what about people who dont believe that?

what about people who think they have found them but then something happens? does that mean their soul mate is gone forever?

why do you think some people dont find their soul mates then?

I agree with MissBebe because Freddie Mercuries soulmate was a woman whom he left everything. I do believe they exist because a soulmate is someone who finds you at some point in your life when you need a kindred spirit to lean on. It does not mean love but to me it means an eternal friendship.

yeah i kinda feel the same. my best friend is a girl and its like she is my sister. i really feel like she is my soul mate but not the kind i marry. lol