Has anyone seen the stories on yahoo and other news sources about how China is cracking down in Tibet to keep people from communicating about the 50th anniversary of the former leader (I have to check the spelling on his title).  Dalai Lama (i think that is the spelling).

  Also the harassment of one of our ships?   I think China is evil as hell.  What do YOU think???  I would like to start an honest and serious discussion here.

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Don't delete. I certainly appreciate reading your thoughts. I don't think it was off topic because it's all a part of the whole picture. Thanks!

They're gonna own Africa for their natural resources. They need the metals , etc. to supply goods to, well the consumers, and that's still the U.S. Oh well, probably just gonna be another history repeating itself, just a new empire. If their workers live in compounds away from the locals and don't spend their cash locally, and they don't seem to be employing fairly, they're gonna breed resentment... off topic, I know. sorry. guess i'll delete it.. later..

As well we should be concerned about China. China is trying to emerge as the world's new superpower. China owns so much of our debt, if they called in all of their loans to us, we'd be speaking Chinese tomorrow. Our Military is stretched so thin and they have a very large and disciplined Army. They will flex their muscle to try to keep us in line. They know our country is on it's knees.

they are evil and yes i have seen this. we will have to watch china very close!