What Do You Guys Think About Christians and Christianity?

I was wondering what people in general thought about Christians and Christianity outside of my community? Please share why you think that as well by using experiences. Don't mean to be intrusive into your personal life, I just have a scientific mind that asks why all the time.

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8 Responses Mar 25, 2009

g2400y, I saw that you said you were agnostic atheist, what exactly does that mean to you, because I have heard it mean different thing to different people.

Californiarocks: How post-modern of you

Christianity is just man made just like every other religion. The issues I have with some religious people is that these some believe they are absolutely right and try to change law and legislation based on thier beliefs.

I believe that every person is at a different level of understanding and if one is at peace with their perceptions and belief systems and provides them with the foundation they need, then it's okay.

Because a lot of Christians desire to make people just like them, I got you. It seems like the issues you have with Christianity is not Jesus and his message, but with the actions of his followers.

I think you just explained it.

I agree that the Christian church has gotten away from what Jesus taught. In many ways the church today is like the Pharisees of the New Testament, desiring everyone to fall in lock-key with what they teach and if you don't you are a poor miserable sinners. Yet, Christ taught that we should love everyone with unconditional positive regard, afterall he ate with the sinners and the prostitutes, not those in high moral cocksure standards. Love and freedom were God's message not chains and hate.<BR><BR>I have a question though, why do you say they are close-minded?

The belief system is a bunch of bullshit. If you can dismiss the bullshit there is a great deal of wisdom in there. <br />
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It also seems to lead to very closed minded thinking among a great many of its followers, especially in the US. This seems so opposite of what the icon of this religion taught. There are lots of ironies amongst the Christians. Kind of a baffling bunch but I guess no different than any bunch that falls lock step into what someone else tells them is the TRUTH.