Whats Stopping Me ?

When will i emerge from the confines of my cocoon ? I feel enveloped in a sticky mess. I want to break out. What is stopping me ? who is stopping me ? I am no longer locked away & yet I feel so. Why do I feel the need for someone to come and break open my cocoon when I should just release from it myself. Have I already escaped & am just having a nightmare of being confined...? maybe I'm not really a Caterpillar but a butterfly without any wings...

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
4 Responses Jan 30, 2007

Why is love dead to me? Why did god make women not want me and etc.

Hehe, I found your cocoon story! Yes, I'm still one, too... Nobody else will break it open but ourselves, but there is still time... That protective shell is there for the time that it's needed. Once you outgrow it, it will break from the smallest movement you make ;)<br />
Cheers to a fellow cocoonist!

that was really nice, you're truly artistic

enjoyable musings...