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Please Help....

My new Kitten, *three months old* will not eat her food. She was drinking milk, but now we are trying to take her off the milk and get her to eat her food. But she is not eating....What should I do? Should we try soft food, or what? I am just scared she is going to get sick cuz she is not eating.......


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Kittens should not be given cows milk. They lack the ability to break down the enzymes at such a young age and it could give them upset stomach and diarreah. <br />
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Try giving the kitten cat sip (from a vet store it's milk specially formulated for kittens but not from cows milk) mix some with some wet food. <br />
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I think a vet visit is in order even if it begins to eat. Check the stool and look at it's bottom to make sure you see no worms or sore bottom with redness. If it has worms it will cause the kitten to not want to eat and be nausiated. This could lead to a whole host of other things and should be treated right away.

How old is the kitten? If she's over 7 weeks old, she shouldn't be drinking milk anymore. Never give them cow's milk. They should just eat cat food and drink water. If she won't eat canned food and goes more than 1 day without eating, get her to the vet. Kittens get dehydrated much faster than adult cats. Good luck!