My Two Love Parsley - But They Are Fussy !

My two, Neville (chinchilla Netherlan Dwarf buck) and Chrystabelle (black otter Netherland Dwarf  doe) both love parsley. What I find interesting, though, is that :
(a) they only like flat leaf parsley, and are barely interested when I give them curly parsley
(b) They will eat U.K. or Spanish parsley (I have to check the country of origin when buying) but reject completely any from Tunisia or other North African countries ; I wonder if there is some subtle difference in the taste due to the soil it's grown in
(c) Whilst they both start at the leafy end of a stalk, Chrysty will eat it all, including the stem (and it's amazing how mush a little reabbit can tuck away !) whilst Neville will only eat the leaves and leaves the stems on the floor !

AllanBurns AllanBurns
61-65, M
May 9, 2012