My Bunny, Whom I Am Attached To On Extreme Levels

She's a 3-year-old silver fox/mini lop mix named Bella, perhaps just a bit overweight, with a honey black coat. For those of you unfamiliar with a silver fox's coat colorings, I'll try to describe it.

She's mainly black, but if you look carefully, you can see little white-brown hairs evenly spread over her back, not enough to really lighten her coat, but enough that she doesn't quite qualify as really black. The bottom of her little feet are grey, and she has got the biggest toes I've ever seen on a rabbit's hind feet. Just saying.

About her name, no, it's not a Twilight reference, she's named after a racehorse, but I shortened it to Bella, because it's easier to say and is a pretty name.

Anyway, she's pretty strong-willed. She picked a fight with our neighbor's Pomeranian one time (we got her out of their before they really got into it, but I felt like Bella would have stood a good chance of winning- the dog was sort of a coward) and she's forever chasing wild rabbits out of our backyard. But she's sweet to people. She never, ever bites. If you are annoying her, she'll nip at your clothes, but she's very careful not to get skin.

When she wants attention, she sort of digs on you, like she would do to dirt. It tickles. I've tried to get her to stop doing that, it's a bad habit, but she just won't.

Speaking of training, she's really smart when it comes to learning, but just not motivated. I spent a few weeks trying to train her to jump over things, but she just wan't into it, so I quite.
But she's learned other things. She stands up on her hind legs and walks, she fist-bumps (sometimes), and if I tell her to "go home", she will waddle down a flight of stairs, through our basement, and then wait at the door for me to pick her up and put her in her cage. She's also litter boxed trained and what I call "clap-trained". If I clap, she knows she's doing something wrong and should stop or I'll pick her up. Sometimes she ignores me, but it works most of the times. When it doesn't, I can usually yell "Bella!" kind of disapprovingly, and she'll stop whatever she's doing and act like she was never doing it. Rabbit owners all know that look- "Oh, what, you're talking to me? But, why? I wasn't doing anything wrong! This hole in the ground must have already been here!"

She gets grumpy really easy but then she gets happy again quickly. When she's forgiven me for whatever it is I did- stop her from chewing the furniture or going under the fence- she'll come up to me and shove her head under my hand. "Okay, I forgive you. You can pet me now."

I know you're only supposed to pet them on their forehead and cheeks as a treat, but I can't help it- whenever she comes up to me, all bossy, and sticks her head under my hand, I just have to pet her, or she looks so sad and dejected. She's got me trained as well as I've got her trained.

Anyway, that's my bunny in a not-so-short story. I give her weird nicknames all the time, like "my little ogger snooger big fat little skinny chubby ugly duckling", because a rabbit's charm does funny things to a person's brain, but you can just call her Bella.
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aww haha:)