My Sister's Bunny, Who Has Problems...

His name is Buddy, which is sort of a lame name, but I didn't name him, so whatever. Anyway, the day we got him from the shelter, one of the volunteers who was getting him for us said as we passed her in the hall, "Good choice, this one's got an attitude."

And what an attitude it was! He bites, he kicks, he torments my rabbit, Bella (although to be fair, she fights with him pretty often, too), he's a picky eater (in contrast to Bella, who will eat any fruit or vegetable if we're careless enough to leave it in her reach), and when he's loose in the backyard, playing, I'm the only one who can catch him on the first try.

But for all that, we really still do adore him. He doesn't like to cuddle, but we're working on that. His last owners got him as an Easter present and didn't want him. I don't know what kind of a life he had, if he was neglected or what, but he's got a bit of a wild side now. My theory is that if we give him enough food and TLC, he'll get less feisty as he ages.
HeCradledHerAndHeRockedHer HeCradledHerAndHeRockedHer
22-25, F
May 17, 2012