Joey and Scooch :) Lionhead rabbits and we nearly had to get rid of them but we can keep them :))) They are on the nightmare stage though of raging bunny hormones : so Joey is to get neutered soon

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6 Responses Feb 20, 2009

you should get both of them fixed as 2 rabbits cannot get along me.

It doesn't have 'gnarly fangs' does it?

When my niece was little, probably about 5 years old, all animals scared her. The only animal that she would touch was the bunnies at a pet store. Guess they just look soft and non-threatening.

o we are so very bad, aren't we? I love our depravity.

Me too, whuttup. I'm only admitting it cause you did. Now I don't feel like such a pervert.

Bunnies are awesome. <br />
<br />
But I'll confess that the first thought that "came" in my head when I saw this group was that it was talking about vibrators. haha